Friday, November 14, 2014

Not so bad!!

Much to my surprise, compiling the Module 2 report gave me a huge sense of gratification. After writing the Mod 1 report, I never thought I’d enjoy scientific writing, but this time it was unexpectedly pleasant. I was able to plan out my approach and instead of attempting to write the whole thing in a cramped 48 hour period, I began a week early and stuck to a strict plan of finishing a section a day. I think this is honestly the first time I’ve ever completely avoided procrastination and boy did it feel good.
The second module was designed very well in that we were assigned to write drafts of smaller sections and given very detailed and thorough feedback for improvement. This definitely helped make the final task of compiling everything a much less daunting task because there was at least the foundational draft of the introduction and methods section. Helpful feedback from both Agi and the BE communications lab made the writing process much easier. The overall reduction in stress made the experience enjoyable and incredibly rewarding. Now that I have completed the draft of my first ever journal-like manuscript I look forward to scientific writing in the future. Bring on Mod 3!!!

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