Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pre-Mod 2 Assignment

I plan on starting my Mod 2 assignment later today, I'm nervous already. I wasn't as familiar with the material and scientific background that we applied on this module, and since I had trouble writing the first paper, I worry that the lack of background knowledge will make this paper even harder to write than the first one. It's safe to say, these scientific papers stress me out, also science reports are definitely not my strength in science, in fact, writing has never been my strong suit, I'm pretty bad at words, but such is life.

In this module, it was interesting for me to see Jess, my lab partner's, interest and passion for circuitry and larger scale biology that I had never really been interested in. I'm glad that I got to work with Jess in this module because she definitely taught me and explained things to me that I probably would not have asked about had she not offered up her knowledge. It was nice that I saw first hand learning how learning from my peer could help in ways that a teaching staff could not, simply because they have more things to do than sit next to me and repeat everything four times when I don't understand it the first three times.

In regards to the journal club presentations that we did this module, I found them pretty interesting, the parts I could understand at least. I have trouble synthesizing information that quickly and following along with a presentation if they dive into the specifics too quickly because then I'm just lost and everything flies over my head. But then again this was also good practice in trying to understand and interpret data that I have not had time to analyze myself, because that certainly is also an important skill in science and engineering and just life in general. Public speaking is not my favorite thing in the world, which I think was apparent from my presentation (jump back to my problem with words), but I know that speaking in front of people is inevitable and something I'm going to need to get used to, no matter what field I end up in.

Before and after the fact, its really easy to see how much 109 is helpful in the long run, but whilst working on an assignment, thats another story.

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