Monday, April 20, 2015

Is it more exhausting to run the marathon or write a lab report

It did really seem that this report was a marathon effort. I can't quite remember a time I wasn't supposed to be working on the Mod2 Report... okay maybe I exaggerate a little.

1) Take your time if at all possible. By some sort of miracle, I started working on putting together the report with so much time to spare. I paced myself through each section making sure I didn't go brain numb typing NHEJ and DSB every few sentences. I was rewarded by not having to worry too much about getting the report done because, little by little, it was all really coming together. That being said, I did still spent the entirety of Sunday working on the report, tying up loose ends, and listening to the questions and suggestions made by peers, so really there's no such thing as getting ahead. This brings me to my next point...

2) Solidarity. It's a thing and it definitely occurred. I really felt that for this report we all knew what we had to do and we were going to make sure everyone got there. I've always thought that cooperation was key and I think it's really nice that all of us are so willing to help classmates, even ones you may not have encountered in your usual section. There was definitely a feeling of solidarity going around during office hours and the peer review. For some twisted reason, it helped to know that all us of were in the same (sinking) boat. 109 is getting more comfortable with each other which is awesome and I can't wait to see its progression into Mod3.

3) CPW was not at the opportune time. I tried to hide the fact that I was working on a lab report all weekend from the prefrosh over CPW. I really didn't want to scare the prefrosh away with visions of writing lab reports. I went to events to support my extra-curriculars and then whoo straight back to the report, making sure my head was clear enough to socialize with prefrosh without freaking them about about the state their brain will be in this time next year.

As we head into Mod3, I am just so excited this is a partner effort and not just because my lab partner is the best, but because I just love teamwork. I definitely felt more comfortable writing for Mod2, but I certainly can't go as far as to say that it was easier this time around. Honestly, I don't think scientific writing will ever be easy, so getting comfortable and more confident is a step in the write direction.

After waking up at 3:30 am this morning to volunteer at the marathon and finalizing the report after that, this is an accurate representation of what I looked like as of 4 pm this afternoon. (I chose this picture because 1) puppy and 2) go Pink Team!)

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