Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mod 2 report party

Well thank Jesus this report is over, now I feel like I can breathe. So even through all the complaining and countless hours of work put into this report, I feel like this went much better than the last one. With Mod 1 I had so many things going on, including my parents being in town, that I pretty much had  to squeeze in the report in the last four hours before it was due. Needless to say, it kind of showed in my final result. After learning from my mistakes with Mod 1 (not starting early enough), I really feel like I kept a much better plan with this Module, actually doing things in advanced and taking my time. I've realized that even if I think I have a whole day to do some work, it's really not best to cram it in; my brain gets fried and I put out my worst, most unproductive work. So now I do things in chunks, a little here, a little there, and I think it worked. After pretty much spending a day just on editing, I can say that I really put out my best, which I'm proud of. Also, I feel as if my scientific writing is getting clearer and more concise which has been tough for me to do. After years of AP English essays and writing like "I'm galloping through the fields of literature," science writing has been a huge shock. I'll think that something sounds good and then bam! It's actually crappy and no one knows what I'm trying to convey. You live and you learn, am I right? And though this report was a giant pain, all of us in 20.109 really bonded over it, looking out of our windows during the beautiful days of CPW or watching our friends throw marathon Monday daygers. We're all on this same struggle bus that's nearing its destination. Finally stretch, Mod 3!

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