Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Riding the Strugglebus


You would think that I'd have learned by now on how to manage my time. All the lectures from my parents on the importance of time management apparently have all flew over my head. I knew ahead of time that a lot of assignments and exams were going to coincide. From this research article to multiple essays and tests along with Ring Delivery occurring so close to one another I knew I was going to be riding the strugglebus, but did I do anything about it? Apparently not enough.

I tried writing parts of the research article ahead of time, but I kept being distracted by other things. Thank goodness for the fact that over the course of the module, it was assigned to us that we had to write drafts of methods and various figures and results. Although at times the work assigned to us can feel unrelentless, I really appreciate the fact that I had those done when I was writing the research article so close to the deadline. This time however writing came so much easier since we had so many notes from module 1 on how to write each section. I definitely spent most of my time on the introduction and discussion parts, trying to make a logical and coherent story. 

At office hours it was said that people can become addicted to procrastinating because of the adrenaline rush they feel when cramming so much work into so little time. Maybe my procrastination is actually a disease. I wonder if that warrants an extension for future assignments...Hopefully, I will avoid riding the strugglebus for the next module. But first, I still have to get off this one. 

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