Thursday, December 11, 2014

Considering 20.109

Reviewing this past semester, I can say for sure that I enjoyed these modules. As 20.109 was my first lab class at MIT, I was initially somewhat worried about how interesting this class would be. In the end, 20.109 went above and beyond my expectations; I learnt a lot of necessary lab skills, while also enjoying the assignments. The skills each of us acquired- from pipetting to writing research papers- are undoubtedly applicable to situations arising in the near future (maybe next semester) for most of us. I’m really happy I took this class (plus, the staff members are awesome).

I was delighted and surprised to see that my fall classes were somewhat synchronized. 20.320, 7.06, and 20.109 all seemed to complement one another regarding topics, which was exciting and made learning this semester extremely comprehensible. Though the workload was a little rough, it was worthwhile (and certainly preferable to a semester with little work and dull material).

I think my most favorite module was the 3rd, mainly due to my personal interest in the applications of biology to seemingly non-biological related fields. Each lecture was thought-provoking, and I personally really enjoyed developing a research proposal based on fields we found interesting.

One of the things I enjoy most about being a Course 20 major is the wide applicability of this field. I learnt a lot during this fall about not only observing biological systems, but also how to modify and observe them. I also learnt more about both written and oral communication, vital to the field of research. Looking back towards the start of the fall semester, I know I can confidently say I’ve improved and learnt a whole ton of things.

I guess that’s all for now. Thanks for an awesome semester!

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