Monday, December 15, 2014


..And it’s done
Having not left my room for approximately 24 hours and running on less than 4 hours of sleep, I really started to despise myself for thinking it was fine to put off the assignment until the very end.
The more I wrote the more I realized the complexity and level of analysis required for this report. The assignment required careful planning to be able to convey to the reader the significance and flow of this experiment. It really did not help when crunch time came that I had not been organized throughout the entire module. During the writing, I realized that I had given a lot of attention to understanding the protocols but not necessarily grasping the why exactly are we doing this and what is significant about this.
Many times when I am in my UROP, my lab work I aimlessly follow protocols. I run the experiments because I am told to, but many times I do not stop to think what the results will allow me to determine, which is what 20.109 is allowing me to do. 
Writing this assignment was a scary process and moving forward for the next module, I will for certain start my report in advance. I see know that it is important from the very beginning to grab the big picture so that you can understand the significance of your data in this context. Also, do not leave everything for the last moment! Hopefully, I will apply these experiences from the module, so that the upcoming module report is a much smoother proces

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