Thursday, December 11, 2014


After spending so many hours working on assignments, it is hard to believe that this class has come to an end. Even though my journey with this class has been difficult, I have gained a great level of respect and admiration for this class. I feel like I have grown tremendously by being constantly forced out of my comfort zone with writing and public speaking, while at the same time not feeling alone throughout the process. With the small assignments that build upon each other and the feedback, the 20.109 instructors did a great job in allowing me to see the big picture and to communicate my ideas more effectively.

With all the modules, especially with the very different aspect of Module 3, I was able to see how bio-engineering is so greatly applicable and has such great potential even in areas I would not have thought about before. I love bio-engineering because it is so multi-disciplinary!

But as 20.109 has taught me, to be able to share the awesomeness of bio-engineering you need to be able to communicate! As, I reflect back on this class, I am left with a feeling of joy to know I have improved and learned so much over the course of this semester. Thank you 20.109 for giving me this wonderful tool-set that will be applicable for the rest of my career!

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