Thursday, December 11, 2014

TIS DONE!!! The story of a glorious feat

I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot in 109 despite entering with little wet lab skills. Although the material was magical (bio-templating and two component systems), I credit the success of this class to the amount of dedication, knowledge, and passion seen in the 109 instructors. When things didn’t go as planned, I could always count on the instructors to be the first ones to know yet the last ones to leave; they were with us each step of the way -- and in an optimistic fashion too. 

Something that I am guilty of pertain exactly to what Camilo suggested today: having a module make sense as you are writing the full report. Only until then did it strike me… “Oh! This is why we collected this data or took this picture or had this lecture.” Honestly, I dreaded starting the module papers because I knew it would require me to relive the memories of previous lab days. I didn’t realize that the end result would be a tighter understanding of the material. I also didn’t realize that I would eventually start to miss these days in lab.

Eventually hasn’t happened yet, but there will be a time after college J. So if you ever receive a random email from me in 10+ years, it’ll be because I’m feeling sappy and nostalgic for these good times. Until then, devout readers.

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