Thursday, December 11, 2014

Done with 109!

Coming into this semester, I was pretty sure I'd be switching majors. If I went through with this change, I could opt to take 7.02, a rumored 'easy' class, instead of 20.109. Due to various factors, however, I decided to commit to taking 20.109 despite having heard how hard it was. There were definitely a lot of moments when I wanted to slap some sense into past Bria (i.e. while writing the Mod1 report), but now having finished the course, I could not be happier with my decision to stick with it. 20.109 has given me more experience and skill in communication and writing than any class I have ever taken. I can say now that I know how to both construct an effective and clear scientific report, but also think critically about biological design. Although at times 20.109 was incredibly time consuming, I now see that every assignment we were given was relevant and helpful for me to learn as a student. So for that I thank you all! 20.109 has truly been a pleasure :)

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