Thursday, December 11, 2014

Messing up my Circadian Rhythm? Ain't nobody got time for that (esp. when it's Kyle)

Please enjoy this video: How I felt after the presentation

This research proposal or more specifically my investigation on engineering a microorganism to combat Coeliac’s (yes, Kyle, I did spell it the British way. You can’t impose your brutish American spelling on me now) Disease was fruitful. For the first time, I was required to actually do research on previous and current news wrt CD. I mainly chose to proceed with CD because one of my close friends has CD, and I constantly worry if he's eating enough. This interest, hopefully, was obvious in my overall enthusiasm and energy during the presentation. Purely for the sake of friendly rivalry -- all these positive aspects helped me deal with Kyle as a partner, who wanted me to shift my sleep schedules to align with his. It's a useful skill to adapt to teammates, but when they expect you to pull an all-nighter with them...

Exactly, Sweet Brown: ain't nobody got time for that.

You find that it's beneficial as a person to stand your ground and go to sleep at 5am while your nocturnal lab partner works diligently on your futon. To be fair, he was working on his part. I'm not actually a terrible person.

Fun fact: my favorite factual tidbit encountered during the slash and burn process of researching was definitely understanding why gliadin (compound found in gluten) is so resistant to natural human enzymes: high amount of proline residues in primary structure -- 7.05 (and 330) do have their merits! This also came in handy for the mod 2 paper discussion in predicting a potentially more efficient mutant for our photography system! 

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