Thursday, May 14, 2015

20.109 Reflection

Alternatively titled: WE'RE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know my enthusiasm at finishing may make it sound like I disliked 20.109, but nothing could be further from the truth.
Being at MIT can be scary. Actually, most of the time, it's scary. I'm scared I'm not going to do well, scared I'm not taking the right classes, scared that I chose the wrong major, scared of the "big, scary course 20 CIM" about which my older friends had warned me. At the beginning of the semester, I was quaking in my boots.
20.109 changed that for me. The opportunity to do such hands on work and so accurately simulate a laboratory environment in class truly solidified my choice in major and some of my hopes for when I'm done with MIT.
I loved 109. The work was difficult, and there was a lot of it, but I felt that all of it contributed to the purpose of developing my skills as a scientific writer and a biological engineer. This class, especially the final research proposal, helped to teach me how to think creatively and how to focus my interests in a productive academic way.
Also, the staff were (was? I'm in Bio E not English) incredible. I don't think I could write seven blog posts without mentioning that fact. The professors unique to each module were so knowledgeable about their subject matter and it was a pleasure to learn from them. As for Leslie and Noreen, I've never had an opportunity to get to know instructors so well since I've been at MIT, and it really shaped my interest in the class.
So, yes, I'm excited that it's over, but it's not because I didn't like the class. Rather, it's because I'm so proud of what I, and the entire 20.109S15 class, have accomplished, and of how much we've grown.
I'll say it again: WE'RE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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