Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'd like to thank...

According to my own completely unscientific study, there’s something like a 1 in 3 chance that a scientific presentation will have an acknowledgements slide at the end. Not sure what the odds are that 109 students will be writing blog posts of acknowledgements, but I guess I’m beating the odds whatever they are.

Literally, what would I possibly do without Krystal? I’d probably still be finishing up a lab procedure because Krystal wouldn’t be there to efficiently plan out every step of the experiment. Somehow, her desire to leave class as soon as possible everyday motivated me to get everything done. But more than that, Krystal always manages to crack me up no matter what she’s doing. I’ve always felt that life’s better with laughter, so I’m glad that I somehow ended up being lab partners with her. FUTURE 109’ers: Find yourself a good lab partner!

The teaching staff made 109 feel like I went back to high school—but in a good way! For once, I actually knew the people who were teaching, and I could talk to them! The first day of lab, when we all sat in a circle and shared a few facts about ourselves, I remembered thinking, “Hm, maybe I’ll actually be able to talk to these people.” Talking about driving in the rain with Noreen, or about the health benefits of beets with Leslie, I felt so much more comfortable with this teaching staff than any other class I’ve taken at MIT.

Lastly, thanks to the rest of the 20.109 class. After this, I feel “closer” to Course 20, not only because of the material we learned, but also because I have met so many new people. This isn’t just me recognizing a new set of faces, but me considering a new set of people my friends.

So, thank you, 20.109 for bringing these people into my life. 

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