Thursday, May 14, 2015

The BE communications lab

For the big Mod 2 paper, I decided to use the BE communications center to get some advice on my almost-final product. I must say, it was really a helpful resource and I find it cool that BE has its own little communication center.

At the beginning of the semester, the communications lab was mentioned as a resource we could use for our assignments but I didn't think I'd ever really go. I mean, it requires more time and effort and for me to leave my bed, which is difficult to say the least.

But after Mod 1, I realized that I needed to step it up with my writing skills and that these assignments weren't like a HASS class cake walk. So when the Mod 2 report rolled around, I decided it was time to take action and put forth my very best product. This class was the first time that I had to write big sciencey reports and it was really showing in my work.

So I met with Sean Kearney who I think is a grad student here and he gave me some pointers on my report and offered a new perspective. He gave me some advice on how to make my writing more clear and more scientific, after all, I am used to pure English frolicking-in-the-fields type writing. We got to focus on my whole report instead of me just asking questions about specific portions, which was really helpful overall on editing. He even gave me some new ideas on the science itself for the discussion portion which I hadn't even thought of.

After this semester, I'll definitely use the BE communications lab again for future writings and assignments. Now I appreciate this cool resource we have at our disposal.

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