Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It’s not REALLY over… is it?

Over the course of this semester, 109 homework became more of a constant in my life than anything else. The confidence of the statement “I have 109 homework due” was significantly higher than the confidence of the statement “the sun is coming out tomorrow,” especially given the great winter experience we had this year.

Whether it was writing a draft of a methods section, making an excel sheet for tomorrow’s protocol, looking over material for the next quiz, reading a paper, working on the module reports (this list has the potential to be as long as my Mod 2 report, but let’s not do that), there was always something to do.
And as the winter slowly (like, very slowly) turned to “spring,” the most asked question on the T/R section’s Group Me quickly transitioned from “Do we have 109 homework this week?” to “How much 109 homework do we have this week?”

The semester got harder and busier and we all started to lose our homework momentum. It became more and more difficult to find the time, and more importantly, the motivation, to do the little homework assignments sprinkled throughout 109. We realized (almost as quickly as we realized we wouldn’t survive this class without snacks) that we had to motivate one another to get everything done, in order to get through this class.

“I don’t feel like doing my notebook today. I’m sure I can get it done tomorrow after class” I remember saying in lab one day, as I contemplated just not bothering with the notebook at all. 

“Nahh, let’s get it over with today. Come on, we’ll all work on it together after lab today,” Jessie said.

And sure enough, we all made our way to the student center after lab and everyone was done with their lab notebook within an hour.
109 may or may not, depending on the module, have been my favorite class in terms of the content we were studying. But it was undoubtedly my favorite class because of the awesome people I got to know. Whoever said that misery loves company may have been trying to say that company makes misery a little less miserable.

The random rants we’d have about how much work we had to do, or how boring our 7.03 class was. Scolding Christian for never making the 109 playlist that he kept saying he’d make or criticizing his song choice when he finally made the playlist. Joking around while doing work during snack time or feeling like a first grader when we asked Shannon if it was snack time yet or not. All of these things, as small as they may be, made a world of a difference and made 109 labs something I looked forward to in the week, rather than thing I dreaded. 

T/R section, you are all awesome people and I'm really glad I got to know you guys. Hopefully we'll all take 309 together (except Will) and have just as big of a blast. 

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