Thursday, May 14, 2015

Done with 20.109...when I finish these blog posts

Oh hey course 20 buddies!
So I figured I should actually start writing these blog posts now since the class is pretty much over. But as most of us are, I have decided to leave all of these until the last second. You think I would've learned by now after a semester of wonderful fun and cramming...But anyways, now that we finally presented our final research proposals, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Now I can sleep in peace. In fact, I'm not even thinking about finals right now, I'm just ready for the beach:

No not Carson beach with the Massachusetts gulls to remind me of Mod 1 abstract and data summaries. But an actual beach:

Aaahhh much better. My cousin actually works there ^^^. Not kidding. Whenever I'd get depressed looking at 9 feet of snow outside of my window while doing 20.109 assignments, I'd just look at her pictures and get some consolation in the fact that at least someone related to me is living a life of envy. But even though I don't live in 80 degrees year round on a luxurious eco-friendly secluded island resort and chose to go to this crazy school that makes me feel dumb, when I look back, especially at this semester, I'm proud of what I've done and accomplished. I remember getting previews at the beginning of the semester of all the projects/assignments we'd have to do and feeling really intimidated. How in the Jesus was I supposed to do a research proposal or write a scientific paper? Can't I just pay someone to do it for me? But here we are today, masters (well maybe not that good) of science writing and presenting. I've learned so much that I didn't realize that I would gain. And I'm really grateful for it. So I may sound crazy, but I'd choose this path again. (But maybe in the future I'll end up at the beach with my cousin and extended fam.)

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