Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Mini-Report

Alternatively titled: You Mean I Get To Write This With My Partner?

I was admittedly rather excited when I found out the parameters of this assignment. A mini-report? That I only have to write half of? It almost seemed too good to be true.
I had a good time writing it; I got to play to my scientific writing strengths while using all the skills I'd been developing through the semester. It was a nice note on which to end my 20.109 written report career.
One piece of advice: don't underestimate the task. My partner started making figures the night before and I did some error bar calculations, and even with some preparation, we finished just in time to make the deadline. So to future 109-ers: this report is fun, but it's still a 109 report, so you've got to make sure you put the appropriate amount of work into it.

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