Thursday, May 14, 2015

On working with Cortni

So today, I actually planned on going to the goodbye party, eat some good food, be in the company of good people, only to wake up feeling really crappy. Good thing I didn't feel this way yesterday when it really mattered. But anyways, now I'm in bed finishing these blog posts which I should've done throughout the semester but oh well!

So for this post I wanted to talk about working with my great lab partner, Cortni (I wish I could tag her or something like on Facebook). I remember first walking into lab not really knowing people very well. None of my good friends from freshman year or sophomore are course 20 so it was about time I made some new friends. I sat down, started talking to this one girl and we were like "oh lets be partners." Little did we know the bonding experience we'd have over suffering through this class together. On the first day of lab, we didn't realize we were wearing the wrong goggles so we took this selfie:

We look great right. So half the time we were confused and were asking a million questions. But at least neither of us got upset about it. We both had super chill attitudes on everything:

Cortni: "Do you care which cut topology we pick?"
Me: "No."
Cortni: "Good because I signed us up for some random one that was left."

But still got things done correctly:

Everyone else: "Ugh our digest didn't work!"
Us: "Ours has two bands. Is that a problem?"
Everyone else: "No, that means it worked."

We both had similar goals:

Me: "I'm ready to sleep."
Cortni: "I'm already asleep."

Which kept us on the right track:

Me: "Let's yolo this and call it a day."
Cortni: "Yup sounds good to me."

In the end, Cortni and I worked really well together. Though we were almost like your underdog team trying to struggle bus through this class, we did well and got things done. And now I have a new course 20 friend! Yayayayayayayay!

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