Thursday, May 14, 2015

Course 20 Pride

I am a member of the Biological Engineering Undergraduate Board, and a topic of discussion one day was Course 20 pride. Do Course 20 students have Course 20 pride? I can say that a lot of people who are not in Course 20 do not know the Course 20 class numbers. I will refer to 109 or 310, and receive a blank stare back at me. :/

Some other courses have obvious course pride. I would say that people in Course 16 have an extremely high level of commitment and dedication to their major. I think this is because sophomore year they are all forced to take the same classes through the Unified program. Therefore, they all know each other, and struggle through the same hard classes together which builds a strong culture in the major. On a smaller scale, I think that 20.109 positively adds to Course 20 culture. Because the class size is relatively small, and the workload is considerable, people bond.

My favorite 20.109 bonding day was the day of Ring Delivery. (This was actually during the week following the Mod 2 report being 2, and we didn't have class) Krystal, Katherine (aka K Whang), Tara and I went to a nail salon on Newbury street during the typical 109 1-5pm time period. I really enjoyed this spa day. If it wasn't for 109, we wouldn't have all gone together to get our nails done because we all wouldn't have been so close :)

Katherine getting here manicure. Krystal not pictured idk why :(

                                                 Tara and I starting off with our pedicure :)

Overall, I think that 20.109 strengthens the major by bringing people together for the first time. Other Course 20 classes have a variety of people from different majors and years in them. Because 109 is mostly sophomores, and completely Course 20's (I think it is at least), it allows people to meet each other and talk about shared academic interests. 20.109 is the first class that I have taken without Course 7's, 2's, 9's, 10's etc. (besides the last module in 20.110). It isn't that I don't like people in other majors haha, but the atmosphere of a class definitely changes when it is primarily people of the same grade and major. All in all, I like the Course 20 pride that 20.109 fosters and I like the great friends I made through this class.

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