Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Elevator Pitching

I think the term "elevator pitch" is really fun. You can just imagine some frantic, overexcited graduate student in an elevator with some super famous scientist eagerly bursting out pitching his latest idea to the professor in hopes of catching a glimpse of their attention, or some low-level manager seeing the CEO of his company and jumping at the opportunity.  The concept of elevator pitches capture the essence of research and experimental science. It's the excitement that arises when you have a novel idea that could really help with some prominent health issues and you just cannot contain the excitement that comes over you. I think we can all to relate to being extremely excited about some discovery in our lives or some event and we just need to share it. Science relies on people having this passion and wanting to share it with the world. I think these final 109 presentations will capture a bit of this light and show the passion students have for coming up with real-world solutions to important problems, even if our experiments and hopes are a little far-fetched.

It was really nice hearing everyone's elevator pitches today in lecture. I was a little bummed that we only get to hear about the projects in our sections because I heard some really cool ideas that I would love to see become full pitches. I thoroughly enjoyed how different everyone's ideas were. No two were remotely alike aside from being biologically relevant, and I think it just goes to show the vast interests of everyone in the field. This diversity is key to solving health problems of every genre and severity. I have no doubt that every group will come up with a really awesome presentation. I think we can take ideas from our first round of presentations to make this a really clean cut, informative presentation. Also, it will be nice to present on something of your own that you have built up knowledge and excitement for. Being truly interested in your topics helps immensely. Passion for a subject can take you so much further.

I look forward to seeing the presentations next Wednesday! Innovation, experimentation, science, can't wait! Pink team is ready, I know that for sure.

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