Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One of these groups is not like the other ones

<sleep-deprived, semiconscious rambling>

We were the only group of three, the group in the far corner, the group always missing a pipette, the last group to be handed out quizzes. That is not to say I felt at all neglected, the 20.109 instructors and TAs were very helpful and always managed to find us a replacement for our missing pipette.

Being a group of three has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. During lab it was very crowded at the Platinum team lab bench which slowed things down a bit. There was quite a bit of tripping over each other at the beginning of the semester, but we got better at it as time went on. It was also hard to split the work evenly three ways, and that also added to the time it took us to get our labwork done. For most of the semester we would be (one of) the last teams to leave. But at the same time it was nice to be able to relax and let someone else do more of the work sometimes.

Most of the time, I didn't really notice that our group was any different from the other ones. But for this past assignment, I definitely appreciated that we had three people. The difference between putting together 4 min of a 12 min presentation and putting together 6 min is more than you would think. It was also nice to have multiple people to talk to about assignments in general. It feels much better to come to a consensus about something as a group of three than as a group of two.

</sleep-deprived, semiconscious rambling>

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