Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thank You to all

Ok, so Tara did a post like this first, but I really want to say Thank You to some influential 20.109 people also.

First off, a big Thank You goes to Joseph for being a great lab partner! I think we made a great team, and helped each other out a lot. I was very nice that by the time it got to preparing the research proposal we were very used to working together, and we divided the workload among each other nicely. Never did I know that one of the first people I met at CPW would become my 20.109 lab partner! Maybe one day the Han-Hann technique for bone repair will become an actual thing. We will see.

Secondly, I would like to thank Noreen and Leslie. I really appreciate all of the office hours you both held on the weekends before large assignments were due. You really tried to be as accessible as possible to us and I think that is very unusual of instructors and I am happy that I could always reach out to both of you for help along the way. I would also like to thank you for staying late after class many days when Joseph and I were still finishing up our work. You both went above and beyond your "call of duty" :) I would especially like to thank Leslie for having many random conversations with me during long incubation periods. I enjoyed getting to know both Noreen and Leslie, and the lovely TA's as the class progressed. <3

Lastly I would like to thank the professors of 109! Unlike other lab classes at MIT I think it is cool that in 109 we do research that has not been done by many people before. You can tell that a lot of planning goes into the modules, and troubleshooting. I enjoyed getting to know each of the professors  and the research that they do in their respective labs. I now know some more Course 20 faculty, which is cool. I would especially like to thank Professor Belcher for helping Joseph and I a lot with the final project! She was easy to schedule meeting times with, and very open to helping us develop our initial idea into something doable.

Also-- classmates you are pretty cool too. I hope you all remain in Course 20, and that we cross paths many times in the future!

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