Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Don't Take Your Professors for Granted

You have a lot of work to do in 20.109. There are about twenty days of lab each with four hours. That is over 80 hours you will be sitting in lab plus the many many hours you will spend on homework assignments. You may think you are doing a lot of work, but think about how much work the professors and TA's must do. They not only sit in the lab with you for all those hours and grade all the assignments you turn in, but they also have to prepare the experiments and take care of all the errors in the experiment. Every experiment we do had to be planned ahead of time. Every protocol we did had to be written by someone. They must prepare for the lab even better than we did because they must be prepared for any questions. They must prepare the lab with the correct materials for lab and make sure they are all safe for us to use. When your experiments go wrong, which they will, they have to figure out what went wrong and might even need to repeat the experiments for us. When our extracted DNA did not extract correctly they were the ones who redid the experiment to figure out what went wrong and make sure we had samples for the next step of the experiment.
This might be you,
but this it your professor

All this is just to remind you that the teaching staff does more work than you and they control your grade so be nice to them. I am sure I didn't even cover half of everything they do for the course, but hopefully you've gained some appreciation for them.

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