Wednesday, May 13, 2015


When we entered 20.109 on the first day of lecture, we were told that we would form a team with another student.  Since that day, I realized we form several teams, and I've really come to value all the teams I’ve become part of in taking 109.
To begin, taking 109 was like the official initiation for joining team 20; once you’ve been granted access to the 109 lab, it feels like you’re finally an MIT bioengineer.  Basically, 109 is the coming-of-age ceremony for course 20, because once you’ve taken 109, you have entered the life of an experienced course 20 student (also I mean at that point, you’ve already gotten through the treacherous rock and hard place, might as well continue the course 20 journey...).  And certainly, with CPW being placed right on the Mod 2 paper deadline and freshmen declaring their majors right around Mod 3, I began to have a certain die-hard pride for Course 20.  I was struggling through it, but I was learning so much, experiencing so many new things, and overall, finally understanding the meaning of being a bioengineer.   I was able to genuinely tell people I loved course 20, despite its hard work.  Truly, 109 helped me feel like a course 20 student.
            The second team I formed in 109 was my section team.  We were very awkward at first. 

Now however, I think Tuesday-Thursday will always be the best section!  And we have a spotify, groupMe, and soon to be music video (?) to show for it!!  Everyone in the section has always been so supporting and willing to help.  That moment when I would look at the protocol and look back up only to be begging for help with my eyes (pictured to the right), and my classmates would be ready to help me understand.  That’s when you know you’ve found a team. 
Not to mention, even when exhausted with papers and data analyzing and 7.05 tests and whatever else course 20 decided to through at us, somehow everyone managed to have an infectious happiness and excitement.  We may have looked tired and zombie-like, but we were happy as team Tuesday/Thursday 109 students. 

Just to reiterate, y’all in the T/R section with me were the best!

The last team of course was the lab team.  TEAM GREEN.  What fun!  Working with Juan Hurtado was great.  Of course, we definitely had our derps - like that time we may have not have properly diluted the enzymes, or that time we just kept contaminating everything when working in the tissue culture hood... or even when we lost our calculations from the day before and spent half an hour trying to reverse calculate our phage concentration.  At least we didn’t end up with crackers in any of our samples though, right Juan?! (I swear we didn’t actually, but whenever we were derping too hard this was our joke).  Really, when it came down to it, it was great to have someone working so closely with you, who could understand all of your struggles, and celebrate with all of your successes.  Thanks for all the wonderful lab times, Juan!!!  I'm really proud of how far we came!

20.109 helped me to feel a part of the course 20 team and establish my own wonderful section team and lab team.  I look forward to carrying on MIT with such wonderful teams!

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